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Well, summer is truly underway.  Yes, it is not what many of us expected as, the impact of Covid has altered many of our holiday plans and our children have been at home for long periods of time prior to the summer holidays, undertaking homeschooling programmes. Here at Education 2 You, we have quickly adapted to the ‘new norm’ ensuring our students keep up-to-date with their education, especially in Maths and English. 

Filling in the Gaps

Education 2 You can provide face to face tuition using PPE and social distancing.  During the warm weather, we have had pop up classes in the garden or park which, have proved popular.  Finally, we have become competent at providing on-line classes via Zoom or Skype. If you are interested in any of the tuition services we offer, please get in touch by contacting us on 07931 648692 or via our website


It has to be said that, during these uncertain times, adults and children alike are becoming more anxious and children’s learning is affected by anxiety.  I have always said that ‘a happy child will learn’ however, it is understandable that Covid is having a significant impact on our children’s education and ability to learn.  It is impossible to shield our children from the impact of the virus when the consequences of Covid are visible in everyday life, for example, the wearing of masks and social distancing etc are encountered daily.  Although these measures are necessary they do represent a significant change to how we now live under a new norm and when our children return to school, it will be very different from the school our children left in March.


To help our children with these changes, preparation can ease their worries and help them adapt to the new norm.  Children can be resilient by nature and adapt quickly to change as long as they understand what is expected of them and feel secure. 

Here at Education 2 You, we teach differently, we specialise in nurturing children and adapting the curriculum to provide a bespoke learning programme that ensures your child achieves and feels confident.  In schools, children tend to have a new teacher every year, at Education 2 You we keep children year after year with many students remaining with us for 6 consecutive years, this enables us to consolidate their learning year after year, supporting their education journey through primary school and beyond.

Why are we different?

We are not a tuition agency but a hub of likeminded qualified teachers passionate about education and helping every single child with their education journey.  We teach holistically, listen attentively to parents and create individual programmes to help children thrive.  We ensure our lessons are relevant to our students by linking learning concepts with examples children will understand.  Our lessons are fun, engaging and loved by children and their parents.  Parents receive feedback after each lesson with clear defined targets identified for the next session, therefore progress is monitored and maintained for every child.

Peace of Mind

During these uncertain times, keeping schools open is a priority but there is no guarantee in the current climate.  Education 2 You will continue to educate your child whatever the circumstances by switching from face-to-face (Covid compliant) to on-line as soon as necessary.  In addition, we will also help parents with homeschooling and answer any questions free of charge to those children receiving tuition from us. 


We are currently taking bookings for September and resume tuition on Monday 7th September 2020.  Places are filling up, therefore, if you are interested please contact us, we offer a ‘Free Meet and Greet’ to explain our tuition services.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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