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Education 2 You helps parents navigate through the maze of special educational needs, by offering advice, information and services to obtain the best support for your child.


It can be a very isolating and upsetting experience having a child with special educational needs, however it is reassuring to know that with the right help every child can learn and receive an education. Our organisation has teachers that have first-hand experience of having children with special educational needs and have achieved the best outcomes for their own children and those they have taught. You can access their expertise to help you and your child.

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Selecting a school for your child is a big decision: we can help by accompanying you, the parent, to potential schools you are considering. In addition, we can help to identify the assistance your child will require access to at your chosen school.

Education 2 You can also support parents by attending Annual Reviews, meetings, and negotiating with schools, professionals and the local authority. We can help parents interpret the educational terminology associated with your child’s progress and help with the paperwork that is generated.

Our fees are competitively priced.